Friday, July 31, 2009


I really like sandcastles. especially prefessionally crafted ones like this:

SO f'n incredible! I wish I had the patience for that. The other day I was at the beach, trying my hardest to replicate the Disneyland castle. I lasted fifteen minutes at most and only succeeded in recreating the moat and front side...and let me tell you, they looked very little like anything Walt Disney would have designed. Ah well, practice makes perfect right? Too bad I live an hour and half from the beach...

hmm, perhaps I should really stop with this overwhelming optimism, yeah?

ANYWAY, moving on to the regular scheduled blog-programming...of the retelling of interesting (arguably) events from my life and random anecdotes from my mind!

I just got back from a camping/roadtrip that lasted just under a week (this would be the culprit of my disgustingly behind-ness on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I spent all last night catching up. I have a life, I swear). It was lovely. I spent basically three days emersed in the clear and cool waters of Lake Siskiyou (highly recommend it) and three more days on the chilly coast of Oregon. The trees and mist there were incredibly enchanting. I now will always think of them when listening to Cologne Cerrone Houdini by Goldfrapp and Laughing With a Mouth of Blood by St. Vincent. And as much as I am ashamed and defiant to admit it, the landscape of coastal Oregon particularily eminded me of...Twilight. (I'M SORRY OKAY. SO SPEAR ME IN THE GIZZARD BECAUSE I CAN'T LEAVE MY FRESHMAN YEAR OBSESSIONS BEHIND ME.)

Heh. ookay moving on...

I now have just under two weeks until I start my senior year in high school...and I'm less than half way done with my summer asignments...PANIC.

I so want more TIME, as completely cliche and humanly archetypic that is...and no responsiblity for a few days couldn't hurt, either. At least I have a day at the MoMA freeday in SF coming up. Should be freeing enough for me, maybe? Maybe.

so for now, I am going to continue googling ridiculous things that tickle my fickle fancy (I like that phrase. Will be filing it away in my brain) so to conclude this entry, I'm goning to take a leaf out of the awesomely talented (and beloved FiveAwesomeGirl) HayleyGHoover's blog-book by doing this:

sexy: Coraline, the film. I just watched it today and my goodness, it's a beautiful and wholly creative and haunting film. Adored every inch of it.

unsexy: The other-mother from the aforementioned film. She is so unbelievably creepy! She may make a cameo in my nightmares tonight...(okay not really but still...eeek!)