Thursday, February 26, 2009

no common thread

this blog has no common thread or logical segways so be warned....

Today the sky was blue and white with clouds and golden sunshine and it was oh so lovely-I felt like taking photographs and driving through the country, but alas-I had school. Bleh.

For some updates...
I'm 17 now! My birthday was fun and relaxing and it made me, once again, realize how much I love my friends. one of the girls' gifts was a cool letter tile game called Bananagram which has been addicting so far-aaaaand it came in this hilarious banana-shaped pouch! :D

OH AND I LOVE THIS PHOTO (from Twitter):
Also, I finally acquired some black buckle boots from UO! They came in the mail the other day and they fit perfectly! Now all I need is a little black dress to accessorize and I'm set!

Oh, here's a funny story:
Yesterday after official play practice the cast thought it would be a brilliant idea to trek across town to Wyatt's house for an extended rehearsal. But after walking a good half hour and finally reaching his house (we raided his fridge and moved his furniture around) all we accomplished was a few bullshit read-throughs where mostly we were either laughing or adlibbing with phrases like "let me have mine ice cream." Not so productive, but oh-so fun :)

On another note,
I woke up today and thought it was Friday. Then I realized it was Thursday. And was sad. I need sleep and freetime, pleeeease.

P.S. reading Great Gatsby in AP Lit&Comp and I really like it!

Friday, February 13, 2009


My birthday is in 5 days! But my actual party is on Sunday night...I cannot wait! Even though it'll just be a kickback with 5 of my closest friends, I'm looking forward to relaxing and having a good time!

I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight with my sister for fun, which turned out to be just as superficial and fun and light as I hoped, so no complaints there. I needed some senseless chick flick-ness in my life and I got it, plus a lovely dose of Hugh Dancy swoon-age!

Rehearsals for the play have been fantastic. I've gotten all my lines memorized & down, and mostly the practices consist of me and the other fairies exploring the balconies and back rooms of the theatres more than actual rehearsing...but that's A-okay with me. I think the play will be great, the cast seems to get along great...everyone is for the most part chill and funny so I'm happyyyy!

Also, I've become obsessed with two very different songs:
Iceage Babeland by Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
The Safest Ledge by Copeland

The first because of it's fun and catchy melodies and lyrics that stay in my head for days and days,
and the second because it's just a beautiful song.

til we meet again,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

with my feet on the dash

I'm sitting here, knowing I should be tucking in for school tomorrow, but I feel that need to run again. I don't know why I always crave a run at late hours in the evening when the sound of the treadmill would wake up my sister (who would then complain and make me stop) sigh. Life is so unfair.

So instead of running, I did some yoga stretches for a while and listened to Death Cab for the first time in too long and now I'm remembering how much their songs mean to me. Something about them makes me just stop and think about everything in my life and think about the future. Especially the song "Passenger Seat." That song is amazing and beautiful and perfect in every way.
It makes me think that all I need in life is a love that could be expressed by Death Cab, and I would be complete.

Friday, February 6, 2009

it's been eons!

wat up wit dat, fool?
(no, I don't actually speak like that)
SOO tomorrow I'm going to plant some trees for my school's environmental club whoo! community service hours, here I come.

Oh, and I was feeling colorful...that explains the silly photos bahaha.
(yes, those are the glasses...again. I can't help it, they make me feel like a rockstar.)