Sunday, December 26, 2010

boots galore

brown: We Who See Fringe Boot - Urban Outfitters ($78)
black: Xhileration Lace-Up Boot - Target ($30)

I got these two pairs of boots for Christmas, and I am in fake leather heaven.

The brown ones are my treasured babies, as they were obviously fairly expensive (for me, anyway), but worth every penny! I adore them so much and worship their soles down to every stitch. I am stuck between wanting to wear them every minute and not wanting to ruin them in the outdoors.

The black, on the other hand, were a cheap impulse buy. I plan on wearing the bageezuz out of them, using them as more of an all purpose winter-trudge-in-fields-and-rain kind of boot that I don't have to worry about ruining. But I love them just the same!

I just adore the chunky, yet lean look of these midcalf lace-up boots that have been everywhere over the last few months. I spent so long looking up different styles online and finally settled on the UO pair! They are such an interesting hybrid of the more masculine combat boot cut and a gentle Victorian lady's boot, with that added twist of a vintage rodeo boot on top of it all. I really just cannot get over my love of them.

I'm going to try to keep photorgraphing all my [interesting] finds and buys and perhaps revamp my lookbook? who knows! but keep an eye out


Friday, December 17, 2010

wardrobe update

I'm fairly certain that this blog is just going to be about fashion from now on, because everything else I care about happens on tumblr. so yes, it is officially decided!

As I've been living in San Francisco for the last four months, my personal style has inevitably evolved. There's so many good thrifting opportunities and effortlessly stylish people walking around hip urban settings that it's almost impossible not to try to catch up. And oh, have I!

I've spent a good amount of time, effort and dollars on fashion since I've been here so I thought I'd share a bit. These are just a few select items that I felt like sharing. There's a good mix of new & thrifted items in here...

(tan leather belt - thrifted)

(tortoiseshell sunglasses - Urban Outfitters)

(embellished gold locked necklace - H&M)

(assorted leather cuffs - SF Zoo & campus bazaar)

(golden animal ring set - H&M)
(semi-precious stone ring, golden woven ring, flower ring - campus bazaar, elephant ring - New York city via my boyfriend)

(cognac oxfords - K-Mart $13)

(red cardigan - thrifted $2, gray & white shawl sweater - Forever 21)

(high-wiasted Levi's denim shorts - thrfited, high waisted black denim shorts - thrifted)

(native-inspired printed tank - H&M)

(light denim button down - Thrift Town, SF Mission district)

- - -

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of my personal style. I hope I can update more and keep this going, because fashion really is something I love and take great care and effort in (I kid you not, I spent an entire day researching lace-up boots the other day). Lately, sharing my ideas and opinions has become more and more appealing to me. I read so many fashion blogs and watch videos and I love seeing what other people do and how they make outfits. That probably sounds lame and self-indulgent/self-centered/etc. to a lot of people, but it genuinely interests me. So I'm going with it. Huzzah!