Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here are some new items I've accumulated over the last few weeks.

I made a haul video about them, you can find it here if you are interested :)

striped cut-out dress: Cotton On, $14
floral ruffle dress: Cotton On, $20
black satchel bag: Goodwill, $4
black oxfords:, $20 (but I may have to return or exchange them since they are a bit snug)

PS: I'm so happy to be able to use my family's nice camera again, it's just a point-and-shoot but it's miles above my webcam!


Monday, March 28, 2011

summer fever

I just found the most perfect swimsuit bottoms on the planet: Urban Outfitter's high waisted bikini bottoms. Oh my, these are just what I need in my life this summer. I have been wanting to buy a two piece bikini in this cut ever since falling in love with this one from ModCloth. But seeing as that one is $90, there's no way I'll ever be that desperate. But the minute I saw the UO version in their new catalog for one $34, I caved and ordered them online despite them being back-ordered until May. I am so stoked on them, I cannot wait to mix and match them with printed bikini tops! I absolutely adore this retro style and I think it will be flattering on my more curvy figure.I got one in a medium and one in a large since there was some disparity in the reviews about size inconsistency and it running small, so hopefully I'll fit in either of those sizes and can just return the one that doesn't work. Eeek I am so stoked for the coming summer months and COACHELLLLLA IN 2.5 WEEKS!

Monday, March 21, 2011

videos + updates

This is just a small update to say I have two new youtube videos up on my fashion channel. I'm really starting to get addicted to this whole style guru community on youtube, and I can't wait until I go home for spring break since I'll have tons of free time and lovely space to film more videos! And on top of that, I'll be able to use my nice digital camera again since I haven't had it here at university for too many months. I am so sick of my webcam! That's mostly the reason my clothing updates on here have been so sparse lately, I have nothing to photograph them in :(
But moving onto some more important news.... my discovery of the Australian store Cotton On.
I think I am in love. My friends from school told me about it, and so I thought I'd pop in to see if it suits my taste. And oh my, I am in love. Apparently it is a fairly new Australian brand that just came over to the US and lucky for me there is a store in the mall right next to my campus! I love everything they have. It's all really simple and fashionable clothing (I'm pretty sure most of the items are made mostly of cotton, hence the name) and SO cheap. I bought this adorable cotton stretchy dress (below) for full price, and it was only $14. I seriously want to buy out their dresses, I love them all. Check out their online catalog, seriously, you will thank me later.

The items currently on my wishlist are this sparrow printed dress and this black polka dot dress!
(polka dotted dress: Cotton On, braided Belt: thrifted)

UPDATE: so I caved and went back to Cotton On today with the intention of buying my friend a birthday gift and I left with another dress...I AM OBSESSED. But it's pretty freaking adorable :)

(cream floral dress: Cotton On, woven belt: thrifted)