Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fall fashion + more

So I had another LookBook binge. Here are my favorites:

all hallow's eve!

It's only a few days away. I really can't wait. I have my sailor costume ready (Zooey Deschanel inspired, thank you very much) my pumpkin is bought and ready to be carved, my Halloween playlist is set up on my's all in motion. Now all I need is a place to go (my plans still aren't set in stone. EEEK.) but I'm READY.

I've always adored Halloween. It's my favorite part of autumn. Being the dress-up obsessed child-at-heart I am, any excuse to wear costumes and act silly is a good excuse. I just really adore the culture of Halloween in general...the bright oranges and reds, the pumpkins, the corny "scary" decorations outside of houses, the haunted houses, the trick-or-treating, the CANDY, the movies, the scary stories, the all makes me giddy. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. Even above Christmas (maybe).

And when you think about it, the thing that really sets Halloween apart is it's versatility.
I mean, think about it:

When you're little, you get to dress up in any costume you could dream of, and go around to extravagantly decorated houses where adult strangers in silly costumes give you CANDY and it's socially accepted and A-OKAY! What else could a seven year old ever want?
Now once you're teenaged, let's say, you dress up and eat candy and this time you can go out and have reckless fun with your friends on the ONE night it's not frowned upon to do.
And then when you're an adult, Halloween becomes the ONE night of the year where you have a legitimate excuse to dress up like a child would and eat massive amounts of candy without looking like some cosplay-obsessed diabetic.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

le cinema

So currently, I'm in the middle of watching The Fall...And I think I'm in love. I haven't finished it (I started it pretty late last night and got tired so, to prevent spoiling it's full movie-watching effect with sleepiness, took a rain-check) but what I saw, I adored. The directing so far has really impressed me...I love the dynamic between Lee Pace and Alexandria. I really like that little girl. She is adorable. And just the filming in general of the movie is so beautiful. The opening shots and credits even impressed me. And the LOCATIONS. Oh god, the locations. The orange sand desert? the butterfly island? the palace? They were stunning. This makes me so much more excited for Where The Wild Things Are, knowing Spike Jonze "presented" (whatever that means) The Fall and directed WTWTA.

I've also been browsing Netflix's Instant Watch feature, going through some movies. Tooooo much. They've sucked away all my time. I've been extremely lazy and sleep deprived lately so I've watched far too many movie for my own good.

I watched We Are Wizards (Harry Potter documentary that was very different than what I was expecting but I liked it) an indie film called Teeth (fucking ridiculous movie. I am still bewildered by it) and Paris, Je T'aime. I originally watched this film because I felt like I HAD to before seeing NY, I Love You. And I loved it! My favorite shorts were the Coen Brothers piece, the Elijah Wood and the vampire one, the one with the blind man and Natalie Portman, and the one with Sophie and the man with the guitar...they were all unique but connected. I really liked them.

And since I have been so into movies lately, it's got me thinking of the fucking AMAZING movie season I have ahead of me. I'm looking forward to:

Where The Wild Things Are
New York, I Love You
Cold Souls
The Fantasic Mr. Fox
New Moon [I can't even lie. I'm going to see it.]
The Lovely Bones
The Princess and the Frog

aaaaaand I'm sure others will pop up in the coming months that I can look forward to but for now, I'm counting down until those :) any recommendations to keep me occupied?