Monday, February 28, 2011

rings & rompers

I have been major crushing on these two rompers since I spotted them on They are each a perfect springy floral pattern and ROMPERS, which is a realm I have not yet ventured in. When I first saw them, they were only available online so I was way too skeptical of their fit to take the risk. But then I dropped by Target the other day to pick up some daily necessities, and I spotted them on the rack! And usually with Target, the only sizes left in store are XS or XL, so I wasn't too optimistic they'd have any Mediums left. That's the bad thing about being size Medium, because it's pretty average and common so it's NEVER in stock, especially at Target. But thankfully they must have just put the rompers out for spring because there were tons of every size! I was SO ecstatic in only the superficial way finding the perfect dress, or in this case romper, can make me.

I think what makes me love them so much is that at first glance, they look like they could be dresses. I don't usually like the way the really obvious, tight playsuit cut looks on me, so I was really happy to find that these were styled in the way that flatters me. It's almost like a more convenient dress because I can walk around an amusement park, ride rides, sit on grass, watch shows, etc. without having to worry if my dress is riding up or getting caught in the wind or whatever.

But anyways, if you couldn't already tell, I am seriously so stoked about these rompers. I want it to be sunshine and warm out so I can pair them with jean jackets, sandals and sunglasses. I'm already planning ahead to wear the black one to Coachella and the coral one when I go to Disneyland in the summer with my boyfriend's family.

Ahhh why can't the summer holidays (or at least the lovely weather) start NOW?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

brights + golds

I recently got a few new additions to my accessory collection in the form of necklaces!

They're actually rather out of the ordinary for me in terms of their general aesthetic. Usually I tend to go for more mellow colored, vintage-inspired/romantic pieces but these really have captured my love. The purple rock piece is from Forever 21 and I really jumped on this trend of stone pieces in jewelry. I love its whole tribal and natural vibe. And I think this particular necklace's color is unusual and quite pretty.

The fish necklace was a gift from my best friend for my birthday, and I ADORE it! She knows my taste too well. I just am in love with the turquoise color against the gold details. And the best part is that it can move and is totally flexible! I am already foreseeing lectures when I'll be playing and fiddling with it the whole time.

I found this amazing bag a while ago while thrifting and I had to share it. It's got this amazing metal texture that almost feels scale-like and it was just too weird and unique for me to pass up! It's a little hard to figure out what to wear it with and when but it's such a cool piece that I'm determined to figure it out.

And speaking of thrifting, I've noticed that lately a lot of my buys have been from retail shops and I really want to get back into the swing of thrifting more! I have only gone a few times over the last couple months and my inner frugal treasure hunter is aching for more!


batwings + paintdrips

I am in love with this top. It's an oversized crop top from Urban Outfitters and has a gorgeous geometric cut out back. I would wear it every day if I could. I'll try to find a link to it on the UO website because I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!


Friday, February 18, 2011

birthday & video

Today is my birthday! I'm officially 19 and for once I actually kind of feel like the age I'm turning.

I've treated myself to some fruit and a poppyseed lemon cookie this morning before I have to go take my World Literature exam (I know, awful timing, right?) but after I finish it I am FREE! I'm going to go home for the weekend and spend time with my family and our new kitty that my sister brought home! I am beyond excited! And I am even more excited to bring home the boxset of the three Lord of the Rings extended editions that my boyfriend got me for my birthday!

Also, the other night I finally filmed & edited a new outfit video for my new little youtube experiment so have a watch if you are interested!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stripes & florals

left to right: black floral tunic (Forever 21), black and cream striped top with crocheted back & shoulders details (Forever 21), oatmeal lace crop top (Forever 21), ruffled navy and cream top (Target), and floral burnout tank with back zipper detail (Urban Outfitters)

Here's a little mish-mosh of photos. The top one is an assortment of tops I bought over winter break and adore adore ADORE (particularly the pink & black floral bodycon tunic as evidenced by the heaploads of photobooth entries I have wearing it).

Moving back to my lovely San Francisco has been amazing so far. I am so glad to be back. This past weekend my friends and I ventured to Dolores Park and basked in the hot sunlight amidst the hipsters, dogs and wafts of weed and sounds of makeshift DJ stands. After perusing around the lawns we tried a tea shop in Castro and I had the best jasmine lemonade tea I have ever tasted. It smelled literally like a jasmine blossom and was so refreshing. We're definitely stopping by again!

In the photos I'm wearing an absolutely DARLING little white dress with an owl pattern. I stopped by Buffalo Exchange on Haight St. to attempt to sell some old clothes despite their pretentious pickiness (only made about 25 bucks but still...) and saw the dress on the rack and stopped in my tracks. OWLS? I freaking adore owls, you have no idea. I know it's sort of a cliche thing to like since they're constantly used in jewelry and things but I still love them! I could not believe my luck that it was in my size and fit pretty much perfectly, if only a tad short. Even my friend who was with me said, "This has your name engrained into it's stitching, GET IT!" And believe me, I practically skipped to the register. I just want to wear it every day of my life. It's definitely going to be one of my three Coachella outfits for this year (which I am AMAZINGLY lucky to have gotten tickets for, by the way! sold out in SIX days. craziness, yo).

...Okay well anyway, I just realized I basically just spent an entire paragraph professing my love for a piece of fabric so I think we shall move on now before I really lose it! Here are the photos from my lovely lovely weekend:

I plan to photograph some more of my clothing and maybe film another style video soon so once again, look out for more :)