Monday, November 23, 2009

college aps + school + social life + procrastination = NaNoFAIL

So I pretty much gave up on NaNoWriMo 10,000 words in. I'M SO ASHAMED.
I feel so bad because I was SO motivated to do it in the beginning and I was determined reach that coveted fifty k mark, but I was just too damn busy. Seriously, that's not even an excuse for procrastination and lameness (though those two did factor in a bit, I'll admit ;P) I feel good about my 10k that were written, though! I have come to really love the story I've opened up for myself and I think I'll continue it even when NaNaWriMo is over. It'll be more a pastime type deal, but I've been wanting to get back in that random-writing hobby that I had in elementary/middle school that disintegrated with the arrival of high school. I just don't have TIME now.

But anyway, because I am very proud of my personal statement (the main culprit of my NaNoFAIL!) I'm going to share it here. I still need to finish the second prompt (yes, UC's gave us the unique torture of calling a category "personal statement" when in fact there are TWO required, so it SHOULD be called your personal statementS) Sigh. Anyway here it is:

My passion for creation and art has influenced almost every aspect of my life. It manifests itself into every piece of my life, every challenge I meet and every obstacle I face. I consider every day a new opportunity for creation and my imagination is never cast aside, but rather used to my advantage. It is both my outlet and my ally in everything that I do. Art and the inevitable creativity that goes along with it appear in all elements of my actions, thoughts and self. It is ingrained in my nature, in every drawing I compose, every picture I paint, and every essay I write. It shows up in obvious ways but also the subtle areas, working it’s way into my mind as I pick out an outfit in the morning, consider how best to arrange my bedroom, and even is used in such small tasks as deciding the most aesthetically pleasing way of applying make-up. I consider it an intrinsic and vital part of my process of thinking, the best way I’ve ever learned to accomplish tasks. Every problem that I solve requires that imperative ounce of creativity, and through all my experiences, I’ve been able to recognize that my specific way of resolving and deciphering uses creativity and imagination above all else. Any artistic perspective that can be taken is the one I choose, by nature and by choice. And having come to this resolution and discovery, I’ve decided to apply my love of artistic creativity to my future. My talent not only for the technique of art but also the creativity that accompanies it is what has led me to pursue my passion as a career. Being merely seventeen years old, I consider myself extremely lucky to have identified my passion and talent so early on. And this motivation to pursue creativity through art in school is something that I would have never fully realized without attending California State Summer School for the Arts in the summer of 2008. This month long program, where five hundred teenagers from all over the world were selected to be pushed to their creative extremes through long hours of class and studio work, was my starting line into the world of creativity that I now consider myself a part of. It reconfirmed my love and passion for art and substantiated its essential presence in my life. California State Summer School for the Arts not only showed me that I held an insatiable love for art in practice, but taught me something about myself. I learned that having a talent for art extends much farther than the tangible way of being able to draw well or observe a figure accurately. To be successful in both the field of art and a life of creativity itself, you must live and breathe imagination and passion, down to every last detail of your life. The idea of creativity is not limited to your sketch pad, drawing class or painting technique, as I came to learn through spending weeks being drowned in an environment devoted exclusively to art. I saw that my enthusiasm for creativity extended much farther than just in art alone. I learned that creativity motivates me in everything I do, weaves itself into every piece of myself and my life. Every challenge that I take on is in the name of creativity and imagination. It is my motivation to rise above the wave of normalcy and exceed in everything I am handed, in everything that I do, whether in school, work or society. Imagination and the artistic perspective is what drives me to distinguish myself as a unique individual among the ones who avoid going against the grain and show the world that my passion, imagination and creativity is a spark inside that can never be extinguished.

Monday, November 2, 2009


So I just decided I'm doing NanoWriMo.
Two days late.
During college application month.
With hardly a skeleton plan of what the heck I'm going to write about.
Meaning I have approximately 233 words done.
...only 49,767 words to go!

am I insane?

...Happy writing!