Monday, January 31, 2011

I made a short video today that details my "outfit of the day". I'm back in my dorm in San Francisco so I only have access to my webcam so the quality isn't the best but I was bored and overly caffeinated. I suppose I'm kind of experimenting with mediums and I decided to try out the youtube thang.

Also, I've gone thrifting and shopping tons over the last month so expect a new post with all of my new additions soon!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

I've been home for the holidays, which means I'm surrounded by wonderful rural fields and copious amounts of space and fresh air. It's such a nice break from the crowded streets of San Francisco.

I drove up to the nearby lake with my boyfriend to take photos and revel in the beautiful scenery. Browned foliage and overcast skies are a quintessential part of a northern California winter. Everything is calm and dormant, I pretty much adore it.

And since he has a grade-A (at least compared to what I usually have to work with) camera, I acted as his "model" (ha-ha) and he shot some amazing photos of me. I decided to share my outfit on here, and I'm contemplating posting this on LookBook too. Enjoy :)

(dress - Forever 21, cardigan - Goodwill, tights - Target, boots - Urban Outfitters)