Friday, June 1, 2012

New things | May 2012

Oh hey, remember that time I posted regularly on a blog?
Me neither.

I am much better at keeping up with videos, clearly.

But regardless, I have taken some pretty photos of some of my favorites items I've picked up lately...







top | English Rose via X Generation $28
scarf | Alexander McQueen knockoff via X Generation $12
sunglasses | Urban Outfitters $17
boots | We Who See via Crossroads Trading Co. $32
necklace | Cotton On $9


Monday, February 6, 2012

Nine West heels

I am in love with these Nine West heels I managed to snag at the Crossroads a couple blocks from my apartment. I went in with my boyfriend, not intending to get anything (ha-ha) and spotted these in my exact size (nine and a half) and knew it was meant to be. They are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and were only $18.00, which for a designer pair of shoes is I think a total bargain. They are a deep burgundy suede and though they are a bit worn, I will still treasure them.

The thing I love about them is the shape of the platform, it's so curved and chunky and fabulous. I'm definitely going to wear these on my birthday (even though they make me about 2 or 3 inches taller than my boyfriend). But oh well he can deal with it for the sake of fashion!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The happiest place on Earth...

I took a little trip with my boyfriend this past week to one of my favorite tourist destinations: Disneyland!

It was unbelievably relaxing and wonderful vacation. We spent three days exploring the park, and we did just about everything there was to do while still somehow managing to have time to just sit in the little cafes and lesser known nooks and take pretty photos. I've only ever gone to Disneyland with my family or a big group of friends so going with just one other person was a completely new and refreshing experience. So much less stress and exhaustion, let me tell you! We took our time going to our favorite places and enjoying people watching and trying out attractions we usually either don't have time for or skip. Like the Animation Academy in DCA, for example! SO much fun! We went twice and drew Minnie and Winnie the Pooh. Definitely will be making that a staple for my future visits.

Him and I took lots of lovely photos with our handy dandy DSLRs so hopefully you enjoy this little peak into the House of Mouse :)

Oh, and for anyone wondering about what I wore, here's one of the only photos I actually have of myself. I was wearing a cotton feather printed purple dress from Urban Outffitters, a thrifted braided leather belt, black gladiators from Rubi Shoes via Cotton On, and an H&M satchel.