Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LIES lies all of it

It seems I lied when I said a "legitimate" blog post was coming "soon".
So much has been going on in the last month or so. I could say I haven't had "time" to blog but that wouldn't really be true. I've had copious amounts of time to blog. But I've neglected this blog for things like tumblr and IRL activities. I know, I know. LAME EXCUSES FROM GEN VERSION 2.0

But seriously folks. Lately in my life, I've gone to Coachella, taken my last ever AP exams, gotten pneumonia, won best in show at my school's art fair, and I leave for Disneyland in two weeks and GRADUATE FREAKING HIGH SCHOOL in four.

I can't believe it either.
I'm just trying to stay afloat in all this madness.
Life is swooshing by like a [insert interesting metaphor here]

So anyway,
to end this meager slice of bloggin' pie, I leave you with some 'recently':

read: Varieties of the Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search For God by Carl Sagan
-This book has once again reaffirmed in my mind that Dr. Sagan was (and remains to be) a GENIUS. He writes so eloquently and but at the same time his writing is astonishingly readable and enjoyable for casual reading. And I think he brings up enormously poignant and legitiate arguments, most of which I agree with and have helped me form my own views. I want to absorb everything he has said/written ever, which is good considering I also bought Cosmos the same day I bought this book.
watched: The Lovely Bones
-I was very disappointed. And not necessarily because it strays away from the novel. That I could mind. But as a film it was seriously lacking. The flow was choppy and incoherent and in my own little amateur opinion, there were script issues. There were good moments though (Tucci's acting was disturbingly good and Susie and the Grandma were amazazing) but overall it was a big...MEH.
listened to: When I'm Small - Phantogram
-ADDICTED. enough said.