Monday, July 5, 2010

fashion frenzy

So I really like fashion.

I am an addict of browsing Lookbook and style blogs. I can't help it. Clothes make me happy. I don't so much like high fashion or keeping up with legitimate labels or brands, and browsing Vogue holds little interest to me past the photographic aspect. But I can never get enough of street style! I love finding new ideas of how to put old and new pieces of my wardrobe together, finding inspiration from someone I see at the mall or walking down the street.

This all leads to me wanting to be more active in sharing what I'm wearing, mostly on this blog! I went shopping the other day and picked up some new additions.

The main coax in leading me to go shopping was that Urban Outfitters was having a massive sale this week. Usually their "sales" are only alright, with nothing too great marked down (I swear I would wear everything in that store but its too damn pricey for my current income-less existence) but I somehow managed to pick out some great finds for decent prices.

I'm in love with this skirt. It was on sale for about $20 and I was so stoked when I dug it out of the sale rack. The fabric is lovely as well as the print and though you can't really tell from the photo, it has this lovely little ruched, bubble shape to it. I've been looking for a lighter floral printed skirt for awhile and this one finally made the cut.

This was a last minute find. It's a sort of tanktop/tunic type thing (it goes down past my hips!) and was the last one on the sale rack and miraculously my size (also only $9.99?!!) I love the print and unusual color and I ADORE the back. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the entire back is lace. It's a daring purchase for me and a bit too out there for a normal day out in my town, but paired with black high waisted shorts or skirt I'm sure I'll be able to pull it off for a day in the city.

The accessory sale was surprinsingly good, too. The necklace was only $9.99 (which is pretty inexpensive for UO, trust me) and I love it. Chuncky but very simple. And that opaque green nail polish was only .99 cents!! Definitely couldn't pass it up.

After UO, I popped over to Forever 21 to take a look around because I am a girl and cannot resist plethoras of clothes at reasonable prices.

I was thrilled to find this dress for only about $13. The skirt portion is skin tight and very sharp looking and I love it paired with the baggy white tank. I like how this can be dressed up or down, night or day depending on what I want to do with it.

I bought this tank mainly for the back. It's knotted into a racerback shape and drops down and has this lazy, DIY feel to it. And I do love the Native American-inspired design on the front!

I couldn't pass up another floral skirt. This one is tiered and flouncy and adorable! Definitely a keeper.

I also have been needing a new wallet so I found this adorable little one at F21 too. Only 8 bucks! (can you tell I like floral?)

So that was my successful shopping spree! I want to start posting more lookbook/outfit posts now so hopefully that will keep this blog alive. I now have some cleaning to do.

43 days until I leave for college!