Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The happiest place on Earth...

I took a little trip with my boyfriend this past week to one of my favorite tourist destinations: Disneyland!

It was unbelievably relaxing and wonderful vacation. We spent three days exploring the park, and we did just about everything there was to do while still somehow managing to have time to just sit in the little cafes and lesser known nooks and take pretty photos. I've only ever gone to Disneyland with my family or a big group of friends so going with just one other person was a completely new and refreshing experience. So much less stress and exhaustion, let me tell you! We took our time going to our favorite places and enjoying people watching and trying out attractions we usually either don't have time for or skip. Like the Animation Academy in DCA, for example! SO much fun! We went twice and drew Minnie and Winnie the Pooh. Definitely will be making that a staple for my future visits.

Him and I took lots of lovely photos with our handy dandy DSLRs so hopefully you enjoy this little peak into the House of Mouse :)

Oh, and for anyone wondering about what I wore, here's one of the only photos I actually have of myself. I was wearing a cotton feather printed purple dress from Urban Outffitters, a thrifted braided leather belt, black gladiators from Rubi Shoes via Cotton On, and an H&M satchel.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new apartment

So I finally moved into my first apartment in San Francisco this past week! Here are a few shots of my new space...I adore it thus far and am thoroughly enjoying being back in my favorite city :)

*also, I will be posting a summary/photos of some new thrifted items I bought recently!


Monday, July 11, 2011

leaves + wings

leaves + wings

Some more summer inspiration via Polvyvore! I am much too obsessed with this site lately.



Here are some more snippets of some of my photography I've been churning out this summer thus far.

Sorry none of it is directly fashion related. Unfortunately I only have a 50 mm lens to go with my Canon DSLR so it makes it very difficult to do self-portraits for outfits that focus on the self timer and whatnot! But I'm going to fool around with the settings to try and find a good way to take some photos of my outfits and such! Or maybe force someone to take photos of me? ...Nah.

Lately I've been ill with a sinus infection that has affected my ears and eyesight (my headaches have been so bad I seriously can't even read properly!) and its been pretty miserable. I need to get better before I leave for Disneyland in 6 days!! Ugh. Keep positive thoughts for me?


PS: I uploaded a short new video on my fashion youtube channel!

Friday, July 8, 2011

one day in Paris...

I need to find myself a pleated maxi skirt, a loose sheer blouse, and the Litas of my dreams.


PS: I've been going crazy on my Polvyvore account lately. Take a looksie? :)